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Meet Kari. Owner, educator, but most importantly, mommy.  As a former teacher, the value of education is extremely important to her. After being in the classroom a few years, Kari made the decision to permanently stay at home with her son, Dylan, after he was born. Creative might be one word that describes her best. Her hobbies include drawing, painting, cake decorating, sewing, graphic designing, and much more. She's also the one that embroiders and designs all of your custom orders.

All items available are carefully selected by Kari with not only your child, but her own children, in mind. They must be comfortable, fun, stylish, educational, but most importantly, Monkey and Squirrel approved. We're not just talking a name of a website here. This means it must be Dylan and Drake approved, Kari's two sons, as known as the namesake of the company. Her children own each and every one of these products and would not be offered to you unless they were considered favorites in their home. These are clothes that they wear (monogrammed, of course), toys that they play with, back packs they carry to school, and plates they eat on.


Meet Dylan. The oldest of the two. Full of energy and never stops. Monkey is his nickname and he lives up to it each and every day. He's a lover of tractors, cars, cowboys, Buzz Lightyear, and all things "boy." Five years old and still insists on wearing matching pajamas with his baby brother every single night. Big personality, bigger heart.


Meet our Squirrel, Drake. He made his grand entrance a little bit early (two months early, to be exact.) Our preemie that has made us realize how sweet babies can be, especially because he is a good sleeper. He loves his big brother and Mickey Mouse. You would say that his shyness makes him exactly the opposite of Dylan, but he's loved just as much.